UTAAS is a versatile sight and fire-control system for tanks and combat vehicles. It provides high hit probability against all ground targets, as well as against helicopters and high‑speed aircraft.


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The modular design of UTAAS offers the user a variety of performance options and upgrading possibilities. The beam paths for all channels go through the same aperture, offering good system stability and no need for realignment



Independent line of sight

This principle enables the operator to retain the target in the centre of the reticle during the entire aiming and laser range-finding sequence. No re‑aiming is needed. Gun-laying is automatically controlled by the fire-control computer.

The design of the top module allows large deflection angles in both azimuth and elevation to be achieved. These are essential for effective combating of fast aircraft.



The low-hazard laser rangefinder has a variable repetition frequency, which can be configured for various operational requirements. Various methods of anti-laser eye protection can be employed in the sight.

For night and all-weather operation, the system can be equipped with a range of third generation thermal imagers.




In use

Saab has designed and delivered fire-control system (FCS) packages for infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks for many years. Today the UTAAS is in service in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Finland and production is in progress for the latest customers, the Netherlands and Denmark, all with the Combat Vehicle 90.

Technical specifications

CV9035 Application

  • High hit probability against air targets at ranges up to 2000 m.
  • Gun stabilisation better than 0.5 mils at 30 km/h on APG track.
  • Maximum firing range: 5000 m
  • LoS deflection range: Elevation -10º to +45º, Azimuth ±18º
  • Laser rangefinder: 1.54 µm, PRF 4 Hz
  • Day channel: magnification 8x, FoV 8º, direct 1:1 view
  • Third generation Thermal Imager

Sight and fire-control system


UTAAS Product sheet

Brief technical description

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