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Data & Information Fusion

Tracking your targets

Data & Information Fusion is a high-performance network-enabled multi-target tracker and correlator.
Nils-Ola Svensson
Head of Product Sales, Combat Systems and C4I Solutions
+46 8 580 85660

Data & Information Fusion effectively establishes one track for each target by fusing measurements from any mix of active and passive sensors together with tracks provided by other systems.

Three main components Data & Information Fusion is built up from three main components:

  • The Multi-Sensor Tracker
  • The Track Correlation and Fusion module
  • The Distributed Track-Management module

A clear interface enables Data & Information Fusion to accept and process asynchronous measurements from sensors such as, but not limited to, primary and secondary radars, AIS, electronic support measures (ESM) and electronic countermeasures (ECM) sensors. These sensors can either be ground-based, airborne or shipborne.

Becoming a Customer

As a customer of Saab’s you benefit from a complete life commitment. It is our utmost ambition to support and facilitate your use of our products and services. That is why we are always willing to walk that extra mile to develop a strong and trustful relationship.


  • Combined state-of-the-art data fusion at both sensor-data level and track-data level
  • Outstanding multi-sensor tracking performance delivered by the MST
  • Very good track lifetime
  • Fast initiation
  • An absolute minimum of false initiations
  • Bearing-only target motion analysis (TMA)
  • Patented fully automatic bias calculator
  • Interactive multiple models filter (IMM)
  • Patented calculation of strobe intersections and removal of false intersections (ghosts)
  • Ability to track targets with low radar cross section
  • Optimal use of overlapping sensors
  • Advanced track correlation based on patented (pending) Bayesian algorithm (TCFM)
  • Network enabled (DTMM): support for distributed track correlation with common track numbers; each target is automatically assigned a common track number throughout the network, regardless of which sensors see the target
  • Robustness, redundancy and decentralisation: no particular node is used as "master" thus suppressing system vulnerability
  • Scalability
  • Customisation: easy to tune and integrate with generic sensors and C2 systems
  • Support for automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes

Data information and fusion

In use

The product is in use with multiple customers and in different domains.

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