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Intelligence Situational Awareness
The Intelligence Situational Awareness (ISA) function is the primary user interface displaying geographic data, system generated overlays (SGO) and user generated overlays (UGO) in a spatial environment. This display provides the user with the current and appreciated opposing force situation as evaluated by intelligence staff.

General Intelligence Management
The IOPS’s system uses pre-defined (structured) user forms, allowing the intelligence functionary to create and disseminate various intelligence management and support documents using the suite of applications. Typical forms include: Intelligence Plans, Intelligence Appreciations/Estimates, General Data Reports, Order of Battle Management, Target Management, Mission/Operations Briefings and Warnings.

The IOPS provides for the generation, storage and dissemination of various Intelligence Reports. Reports are generated at individual workstations and disseminated according to user selected addresses and/ or automatic (pre-defined) distribution lists. Once submitted for dissemination the reports are stored for a pre-determined period, based on user’s operational doctrine. The following standard reports are available: Intelligence Summary, Intelligence Report, Photo Interpretation Report, Air Mission Report, Electronic Warfare Report (Communications and Signals Intelligence), and In-flight Reports.

Intelligence Dissemination
The IOPS disseminates information and intelligence on a dual system of ‘push’ and ‘pull’, which is determined by the predefined data distribution rules set-up on the user’s system. User’s generate reports and define recipients as per a distributors list and also depending on the business rules of the user, e.g. the information is automatically disseminated to the Intelligence Sorting Officer and relevant ‘theatre desk’, etc depending on the automatic distribution requirements as defined in the approved operational intelligence plan or collection plan.

External System Interfaces
The system can be linked to a number of user unique external systems, each providing specific intelligence related data and or receiving intelligence data from the IOPS. These interfaces are user defined and it is general assumed that the interfaces are classified sources.

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