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Mission System

A Complete Airborne Surveillance System
Erik Winberg

+46 31 794 89 70

Actions based on real-time information are crucial and demand systems that offer high situational awareness.

Erieye is the first high-performance, long-range Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) system based on active phased-array pulse-Doppler radar.

This new-generation system can be installed in a variety of commercial and military aircraft, including regional jet or turboprop airliners. It meets full AEW&C requirements for detecting and tracking targets at ranges of up to 450 km over land or water.


The Erieye AEW&C Mission System includes sensors, C2 and communications. These are complemented by a comprehensive suite of training and support systems.


Due to its compact nature, the Erieye system is installed on small aircraft, both jet and turboprop, giving a low cost profile.


An extensive training programme for both operators and maintenance is provided by our experienced trainers. An ILS programme is included, tailored each customer's needs and preferences. 


The Erieye Mission System uses spiral development. This ensures that each customer gains the latest technologies and benefits from the combined experience of all Erieye programmes.


Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations. 
That’s what we call a true commiment.


The Erieye Mission System is normally delivered installed on our Saab 2000 (turboprop) or Embraer-145 (jet) platforms. It can also be delivered ready for aircraft integration with other aircraft


The Erieye radar is the first of its kind to use ground-breaking AESA technology. The truly multi-role Erieye radar detects and automatically tracks air and surface targets over a huge area, extending over 900 km. It is designed to track the smallest of objects, such as cruise missiles and jet-skis, even among heavy clutter and in jamming environments.


Flying at high altitude, Erieye covers a much wider area than a conventional ground based sensor system can. The effective surveillance area is more than 500,000 sq km horizontally and 20 km vertically. It detects air targets at a range of up to 450 km.

Sea coverage is only limited by the horizon, which is around 350 km (190 nm). Within this area, every object in the air and at sea will be detected and pinpointed.


The ability to detect both air and sea targets makes it ideal for both military and security applications. It is designed to track the smallest of objects, such as cruise missiles and jet-skis, even among heavy clutter and in jamming environments.

The operator consoles are true multi-role, having identical functionalities. The role decides which functions the operator will use.


By using the concept of spiral development, the system has been upgraded for each new customer. Despite having the same outward appearance, the inside is new. This process ensures that each customer obtains the latest technologies and while each subsystem remains mature.

The performance has been improved and the functionality has been increased with new radar modes etc. The modern modular architecture of the Erieye system ensures that existing customers will benefit from this development through upgrades.







The Erieye Mission System installed in an aircraft will form a complete AEW&C system. The on-board C2 system allows the operator to have full control of the Air and Sea Picture through inputs from radar, IFF, ESM and data links.

An extensive communication suite is included, for both voice and data. Data Links are easily integrated to existing AOC with the Reporting Centre System. Mission Planning and Debriefing System, Mission Training System are examples of the ground segment.


The Erieye Mission is designed to operate with both jet and turboprop platforms. It is currently operational on three different platforms: Saab 340, Embraer-145 and Saab 2000. The number of operators can vary between 1 and 5, depending on the scenario. It can even be controlled remotely.

In use

Proven and state-of-the art through spiral development Erieye is designed for use together with regional aircraft. It is currently operational on three platforms

The first version of Erieye became operational in 1997 with the Swedish Air Force. Since then the system has been sold to many countries for use in both military and civil applications:

  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates

Technical specification


Type:  Pulse Doppler, multimode
Antenna:       Active Phased Array
Frequency:      S-band
Instrumented range:  450 km
Altitude coverage:  > 20 km
IFF-modes:          1, 2, 3/A, C, 4 and S

Electronic Warfare

Wide-band ESM  Saab HES-21
Azimuth coverage          360º
High sensitivity   Digital Receivers
High accuracy     Interferometric Antennas

Secure data communication

Dedicated data link    Link-E
NATO data links    L16 and L11

Secure voice communication

  National, NATO standard


Main functions:

  • System and sensor management
  • Mission planning and simulation
  • Track data processing
  • Asset management and control
  • Identification and allocation

Display system:

  • High-resolution flat-panel colour displays and touch-input display control

Geographical info:

  • Digital map

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Saab’s range of airborne solutions comprises the world’s most advanced multi-role fighter, Gripen, the Saab 340/2000 ERIEYE long-range AEW&C system and a range of fully autonomous and mobile unmanned systems.

From peacekeeping operations to real combat scenarios – today’s missions demand the seamless implementation of strategies. For decades, Saab has been providing solutions designed to meet such needs. From training and command and control systems, to military subsystems, weapons and next-generation aircraft, our solutions improve operational capabilities and reduce the cost of ownership.

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