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Based on experience accumulated during fourty years of cockpit display design, Saab has developed the EP-17 Cockpit Display and Recording System, for the Gripen multi-role combat aircraft. A state-of-the-art HMI that provides the pilot with all necessary information in real time.

Superior situational awareness
The Gripen total information-handling system provides superior situational awareness to the pilot. Integrating man and machine, putting the pilot in command of information and to achieve information superiority with low pilot workload, has been given highest priority in the Gripen system.

In this true fourth-generation aircraft, information is obtained via onboard sensors and databases as well as data links between aircraft, and between aircraft and ground control, all supported by integration, fusion and decision-making aids.

The pilot's information interface
The display system is the pilot's information interface with his platform system-of-systems. The wide-field-of-view diffraction-optics head-up display (HUD) and the three large-area colour head-down displays provide an outstanding interface, well adapted to human requirements for mission success.

The head-up display
The HUD is equipped with a holographic diffraction-optics combiner which gives the display high visibility within a wide field-of-view, with minimal interference to external vision.  The unique display-formats, featuring spherical attitude lines, give superior attitude awareness and improve flight safety.

Head-down multi-function colour displays
The large-size multi-function displays (MFDs) provide the pilot with all necessary information for superior situational awareness.

In the two-seat version of Gripen, the rear-seat is also equipped with three MFDs. One is smart and gives the rear-seat pilot the possibility to operate independently from the front-seat pilot and, for example, perform command-and-control, electronic-warfare or reconnaissance tasks.

High flexibility and redundancy in all situations
The display processor is divided into two separately powered sections, each controlling two displays. This provides system redundancy.

Emergency mode
The Gripen cockpit has an emergency mode, integrated into all head-down displays, thus maximising all available front panel space to give the largest display surfaces possible. The emergency mode is supplied by redundant data sources and power supply.

Digital recording for mission efficiency
Images from sensors and other sources are recorded. These include images from the radar, TV/IR-guided missiles, HUD camera, forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) system and reconnaissance pod.

Sensor data and information from the cockpit displays and controls are also recorded. Two encoder/decoder channels (MPEG-2) as well as a radar channel are integrated in the display processor to allow for multiple video, data and audio recording and playback.

A mass memory cartridge is used to transfer data to and from the aircraft. The recording system allows flexible replay of complete missions in the cockpit or in a ground-based mission support system.

Gripen front panel w Display systemGripen glass cockpit

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