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Highly demanding air operations require the ability to strike with accuracy and penetrate dense air-defences on the ground.

The TAURUS KEPD 350 is an advanced, modular stand-off missile system for precision strikes against bunkers and other hardened, deeply buried targets, as well as high-value point and area targets such as large radar stations.

The TAURUS KEPD 350 is a product of TAURUS Systems GmbH, a joint venture between MBDA Deutschland GmbH and Saab Dynamics AB, for the development, production and global marketing of the TAURUS stand-off missile family for long-range precision strikes.


Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations. 
That’s what we call a true commitment.


The TAURUS KEPD 350 is an MTCR category 2 weapon, designed to penetrate dense air defences by means of a very low level terrain following flight.

The TAURUS KEPD 350 is intended to neutralize high-value stationary and semi-stationary targets through its highly effective 481 kg dual stage warhead system MEPHISTO.

It combines outstanding penetration capabilities for hard and deeply buried targets (HDBT), as well as blast and fragmentation capabilities against high-value point and area targets (e.g. air defences), as well as an exceptional bridge- and runway-target kill capacity.

The TAURUS KEPD 350 remains the only stand-off missile capable of being programmed for effect at a specific pre-selected floor. This extraordinary feature is achieved by applying layer counting and void sensing-technology.

It is a day-and-night all-weather capable weapon system.

In use

The TAURUS KEPD 350 is deployed on the German Air Force’s Tornado IDS aircraft as well as on the EF-18 aircraft for the Spanish Air Force.

The integration on the EUROFIGHTER is planned by both countries in the near future.

Technical specification

Range               +500 km
Weight 1400 kg
Length 5 m
Warhead 481 kg (Tandem warheads)
Velocity M 0.6-0.95
Approach Low Level Terrain Following Navigation Tre-Tec 
(IMU aided by Image-based Terrain Reference navigation and GPS)
Propulsion Turbojet

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