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Environmental Management Services

Our environmental specialists can establish Environmental Plans which assess how the environmental management system is put into practice in a certain project and how specific customer demands is fulfilled. Environmental Management Systems is a requirement for companies in order to be certified according to ISO 14001.

We offer a range of consultant services in the chemical sphere such as:  Establishment of chemical registers , Substitution of hazardous chemicals, Assist in government authorization for handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, and Support organizations in general chemical issues. 

We can consult organisations in different environmental legal issues and help them to fulfil government requirements.

We can  also assist with adapting instructions and technical documentation to include environmental and safety aspects.

We can provide Environmental Site Assessments for Contaminated Sites which assess the contamination on a site according to EPA regulations (MIFO) as well as environmental remediation of contaminated sites which deal with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil and groundwater.

We can help establishing Recycling Manuals and Disposal Plans for systems and products. The reports gives a description of materials used in a system to provide information before scrapping and for making a hazard analysis for phase-out.

Our environmental specialists can further assist in educating your organisations in different environmental issues e.g. environmental legislation and environmentally adapted disposal.

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