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RBS15 Mk3

Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM)

The Power to act – the power to win

With high-speed, long-range and unrivalled flexibility, the RBS15 Mk3 can provide a tactical advantage.

It is the latest generation Surface-to-Surface Missile System and perfect as the main anti-surface armament.

It can be launched from naval vessels and trucks, in scenarios from blue water to the littorals, as well as in land attack missions.

  • Long range – extremely flexible trajectory
  • Advanced target seeker with all weather capability
  • High defence penetration capability 
  • Contracted by leading navies in international competition.
  • In production and under delivery to Sweden, Germany and Poland.
  • Jointly produced and marketed by Saab, Sweden and Diehl BGT Defence, Germany.

Becoming a customer

Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations. That’s what we call a true commitment.

We offer flexible financing models, industrial partnerships and cost-effective customised life-cycle support solutions along with the system delivery.


The RBS15 Mk3 Surface-to-Surface Missile System offers a complete customer solution that can be customised to specific needs. Saab appreciates the need for long-term relations to support both the system and the customer over the 30-year service life.

Several successful upgrade programmes bear evidence that the RBS15 is maintainable, upgradeable and that Saab delivers true customer support.


RBS15 Mk3 is the latest generation Surface-to-Surface Missile System. It is a fire-and-forget, subsonic cruise type missile with all weather capability. It can be launched from ships and trucks and is intended for anti-ship missions and land strikes.

RBS15 Mk3

In use

RBS15 Mk3 is the latest version of the reliable RBS15 anti-ship missile family. Through evolutionary development, RBS15 Mk3 has a unique combination of a reliable and tested basic design coupled with the latest available technology. The result is a proven and reliable missile system with world leading performance.

The German Navy, a leading NATO Navy, selected RBS15 Mk3 after thorough evaluation and in fierce competition with other systems. 

RBS15 Mk3 is in production for Germany, Poland and Sweden and deliveries are in progress.

The RBS15 Mk3 missile system is designed with sustainable and affordable ownership in mind. Saab will support the missile system throughout its 30 year service life.

Saab offers flexible maintenance solutions including in-country maintenance for customer countries.

The RBS15 Mk3 is produced and marketed jointly by Saab, Sweden and Diehl BGT Defence, Germany.


Technical specification

RBS15 Mk3 Surface-to-Surface Missile               

Length 4.35 m
Fuselage diameter 0.50 m
Wingspan 1.40 m
Weight (in flight) 630 kg
Weight (w. boosters) 800 kg
Seeker  Active radar
Speed 0.9 Mach (subsonic)
Range  >200 km
Trajectory Multiple 3D waypoints

RBS15 Mk3

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