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Ground Based Missile System

For the protection of entire nations

The BAMSE system is one of few systems in the world today that is developed and optimised as a de­dicated Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) missile system.

BAMSE is designed for flexible usage both for stand-alone operation as well as in networks with other sensors and weapon systems. The philosophy is to optimise system effect by having a number of fully co-ordinated firing units that together create a ground coverage for the system of more than 2,100 km2  and an effective altitude coverage of 15,000 m.


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The BAMSE system has excellent built-in ECCM capabilities both in the GIRAFFE AMB surveillance radar and the unique monopulse Fire Control Radar (FCR) Automatic Command to Line Of Sight (ACLOS) missile guidance function.
To successfully meet threat scenarios, the BAMSE system has been provided with all vital capabilities for defeating the present threat and that of the foreseeable future with the following unique capabilities:
  • Optimised situational awarenes
  • A large number of SHORADS can be connected
  • Freedom of deployment due to elevated platforms
  • Short deployment time; a complete battery is combat- ready in less than lOmin
  • Short reloading time; all six missiles in less than 5 min
  • Flexible system, several MCCs controlled by one GIRAFFE AMB
  • Embedded simulator in every unit
  • Maintenance-free missiles
  • Extensive BITE for every unit and a simplified maintenance concept
  • Long servicable life and Low Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Optional C-RAM warning capability

In use

The BAMSE system is a state of the art system with several unique capabilities. The system has been developed for a conscript Army with the strong requirement for easy operation and maintenance. The BAMSE system has extensive Built in Test Equipment (BITE), which minimises the need for special test equipment.

The BAMSE system has been delivered to the Swedish Army air defence. The BAMSE system is developed to have high redundancy where every single missile launcher has the capability to combat targets without any connection to an external information source or higher command.

The BAMSE system has unique high altitude coverage and is effective with maintained high missile manoeuvrability at 15,000 m altitude. Every single missile launcher has C2 capabilities. The BAMSE system has high survivability with ballistic protection on every missile launcher and outstanding ECCM capabilities. The BAMSE system has the possibility to have integrated IFF on every missile launcher in order to further strengthen the possibility to act as autonomous units, if necessary.

The BAMSE system has been specially developed to combat small and fast targets as well as low flying cruise missiles and UAVs. 

Technical specification

Giraffe AMB
Frequency 5.4 – 5.9 GHz, C-band
Instrumented ranges 120 km
Full elevation coverage >70º
Altitude coverage 20,000 m (>60 kft)
Antenna 3D phased array, digital beam forming,
IFF Integrated back-to-back
Bamse Fire-Control Radar (FCR)
FCR frequency 34 – 35 GHz, Ka-band
(NATO K-band)
Radar type Pulse-doppler monopulse
Peak power <100 W
Antenna lobe (circular beam width) <1° lobe
Function  Target and missile tracking
FCR instrumented range 30 km

Bamse Missile  
Effective range 20 km
Effective altitude coverage 15,000 m
Guidance Automatic Command to Line of Sight (ACLOS)
Command uplink Integrated in FCR general transmission
Frequencies (command uplink) Several
Warhead Fragmentation and shaped charge
Fuse Proximity and impact fuse
Target types Fighter-bombers, bombers and transport aircraft, combat and 
transport helicopters, stand-off weapons and guided bombs
Ready-to-fire missiles on MCC Six missiles

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